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Recent Market Research Reports

Following reports are all written in Japanese. Their English versions are not available at this moment.

July 2015

2015 Sensor Device / Big Data ・IOT Market: Comprehensive Survey, Vol.1: Sensor Device Edition
July 31 2015, 269 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
This report is comprised of vol.1 that studies the trend of sensor device market by demanding applications and market share ratios and vol.2 that covers the big data and IOT related solutions and solution vendors. The vol.1 covers the 6 optical and electro-magnetic wave sensors, 2 acoustic and magnetic sensors, 6 mechanical and physical sensors, 9 thermal and time-space environmental sensors, 4 chemical and bio sensors, 4 biological sensors, and other 2 products.
2015 Whole View of Smart Device Related Business for Enterprises
July 30 2015, 303 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By focusing on smart device related business for enterprise, it summarized the market by categories of smart device terminal, communication / security infrastructure, application development, and the operation and maintenance service. By analyzing the business models of smart device solution vendors for enterprise (mobile carriers and SIer / subcontracted development vendors) and the notable solution of each company, it studied the promising solution market in the concerned market.
2015 Reality and Future Prospect of UC /IP Integrated Solution Market
July 30 2015, 263 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
As for the solution/services and related products which constitute the communication tools like telephone, mail, IM/presence, conference, and documents sharing by integration of UC and IP, it summarized the trends of business strategy for related business expansion and drawing service plans. It covers the 13 fields of solution market by common and business types and the 2 communication platforms, 6 terminals, 4 applications, and 7 other conference systems as product market.
Potential Materials for Electronics Parts 2015 Vol. 2 Comprehensive Survey
July 23 2015, 296 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied and analyzed the market trend of noteworthy electronics parts and materials with the total 2 volumes. The vol.2 selects notable 48 products from the 7 fields of semiconductor (memory and CPU), semiconductor materials, power device, eco lighting part materials (LED/EL), sensor, optical device (camera module), and passive component (condenser/inductor) and mentioned the market size (worldwide), maker shares, production weight by area, weights by types, and price trend.
New Market of Software Business 2015, Vol.2; Software Vendor Strategy Edition
July 16 2015, 217 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
Vol.2 summarized as case study each company's status of approaching to software business around the business status, empowerment strategy of product/service, trend of provisioning feature, and value added business strategy of 44 major software enterprises. It mentioned and covered the 7 general vendors, 11 business system companies as dedicated vendor, 4 information analysis companies, 9 information sharing companies, 7 middle ware companies, 5 operational and administrative tool companies, and 3 basic software companies.
New Market of Software Business 2015, Vol.1; Software Market Edition
July 16 2015, 262 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It reports with vol.1 and vol.2 the software market that cloud usage is becoming in general. Vol.1 comprehends the market trend, future direction, trend of provisioning feature, and market share ratio of general software products which are commonly used in various businesses and implemented the grasp and analysis of software market. It described the marketing data of 48 software products which are divided by 7 categories having key words of 3 provisioning features such as Package, SaaS, and Appliance.
Comprehensive Study of In-Vehicle Electronic Devices & Components 2015
July 08 2015, 359 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It implemented estimating the demand of devices and components for in-vehicle application and the change of embedded number. It covers the total 65 products of 18 systems, 5 information devices, 29 devices and components, one ECU, and 12 devices composing ECU. It studied the market size change and forecast (-2025) by area, embedded trend of system composition/composing device and components, price trend, maker shares, and supply matrix. It also described the production data of auto vehicles.
Education Market 2015
July 07 2015, 298 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
As for the education and school market from network infrastructure to related system and solution, it studied the status of approaches by central government, responsible ministry office, and local government. It covers the domestic market size change, sales trend by types of school, future direction of effective utilization, and overseas market environment of various products, system, service, and solution around education and school market including operational support system, in-school facility and infrastructure, and text and contents.
Functional Paint Market and its Global Development and Future Prospect 2015
July 06 2015, 306 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the market of paint and coating products which bring the highly added values with such coated substances by adapting various functions and properties (thermal, optical, electrical, physical and chemical ones) on the surfaces. By covering the total 47 products of 18 paints by applications (vessel and aero-space paints), 23 functional paints (environmentally complied paints), 6 resins for paint, it summarized each marker size, application development status, global area trend, raw material acceptance trend, and major paint makers' trend.

May 2015

Potential Materials for Electronics Parts 2015 Vol. 1 Comprehensive Survey
May 25 2015, 262 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
The vol.1 studied the notable parts and materials around the display device and energy related part and materials. It covers the 7 categories and total 43 products of 6 display related parts and materials, 5 touch panel parts and materials, 12 printed board assembly related parts and materials, 6 solar cells, 8 secondary batteries, 3 parts and materials for heat measure, 3 new raw materials in worldwide. It also studied the market size change, companies' shares, weight by areas / types / applications, and price trend.
Latest Trend Study of Semiconductors Related Players 2015
May 20 2015, 304 pages, ¥190,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It summarized the trend and strategy of concerned companies around semiconductor related companies which should be responded to high speed processing, higher reliability and higher integration, more micro processing, smaller size and lower power consumption, and higher security / sensor technology as emerging IoT society. It also mentioned the trends of semiconductor device and package and related materials those are noteworthy at IoT, wearable, and car computerization. It covers the total 28 companies of 12 IDM companies, 6 fabless companies, 5 foundries, 5 OSAT companies, and the 15 devices and part materials.
2015 Comprehensive Survey of Next Generation Mobility Related Market
May 07 2015, 220 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It investigated the mobility market for small number of people such as electric assist bicycle, motor-cycle, wheelchair, unicycle, and electrically operated two-wheeled vehicle appearing with being standing etc. represented like Segway and the peripheral industry trend. Covering the market trends of related components/infrastructure/service, the reality of penetration policy/related legal regulations of mobility for a person, and small number of people in major countries and areas and considering the issues for each mobility penetration, it summarized the future image of next generation mobility market.

March 2015

Sales Reality of Business Projector Dealers; Comprehensive Survey, 2015 Edition
March 27 2015, 319 pages, ¥600,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By extracting 50 major dealers and distributors (including rental companies), it studied and analyzed the sales reality of each dealer, opinions viewed from sales side, and properties and direction by channels and routes. Then, it mentioned the important data which must contribute to the marketing strategy of channel development, empowering existing routes, and making product. It covers the three types of LCD method, DLP (1 chip / 3 chips) method, and LCOS method as business projector.
Worldwide Electronics Market 2015 Comprehensive Study
March 20 2015, 445 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the production results of notable electronics products by Japanese, overseas, and local makers by area as for the total 41 products with 6 fields (AV devices, white home appliance, information communication devices, mobility like next generation car, in-vehicle electronics devices like car navigation, and unit product / parts like display). It also described the collection analysis of production volumes by products of 18 major company groups and by areas, 23 maker shares of major set devices by brands, and subcontracted production status of 12 products with EMS.

February 2015

Business Strategy Analysis of Next Generation Healthcare and Life Science in Raw Material Related Companies 2015
February 25 2015, 250 pages, ¥180,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By extracting the healthcare and life science business from major 42 raw material related companies in Japan, it summarized and analyzed the business strategy and direction. By classifying the categories of study target into ethical drug, bio medical, regenerative  medical treatment, diagnosis / inspection / research, healthcare, and clinical / medical care, it cited the case studies of business outline and system of each company, developing business size and ratio of types, situation of R&D and M&A, and noteworthy product fields. It also added the related policy and overseas trend.
Data Center Business Market 2015 (Vol.2): Comprehensive Survey
February 18 2015, 235 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied vender strategy and users' situation in the vol.2. In the vender strategy section, it implemented the case study of concerned business size (sales and facility outlines), provided solution / service, and strategy characteristics against 17 SI enterprises, 8 carrier enterprises, 4 center dedicated facility enterprises, and 4 center dedicated service enterprise. In the users' situation section, it collected and analyzed the web questionnaire research against user enterprises / non-user companies (752 samples).
Data Center Business Market 2015 (Vol.1): Comprehensive Survey
February 18 2015, 252 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the data center service, data center related products, and entrant company trend. The vol.1 tells the market trend and trend comprehension and it analyzed and verified the data center market with view of multi phases. It grasped the market analysis by area and tier / price trend / supply and demand situation, market size of 12 service categories / entrant company shares, procurement scale of 13 data center invested products (hardware / utility devices) / suppliers' shares.
Future Perspective of Organic & Printed Electronics 2015
February 13 2015, 260 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
In addition to organic electronics and printed electronics attracted as next generation electronics, it investigates the flexible electronics field which has close relationship to these. By covering 32 related products (9 organic electronics products, 7 printed products, 18 parts and materials, and 3 apparatus, it studied and analyzed from the aspects of market size by products, long term forecast, application trend, makers' trend, and technology development trend.
Data Center Business Market 2015 (ASEAN Edition): Comprehensive Survey
February 06 2015, 124 pages, ¥400,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By comprehending datacenter market in ASEAN with practical axis of server room space, operational ratio, and utilization reality, it implemented the survey to collect such information materials that should be valuable to compare with Japanese market. In the market section (market trend and market share ratio), it implemented the collection and analysis by area (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other) and by user’s business types and in the company case section, it mentioned the strategy cases of major 19 enterprises (local / Japanese / European and American venders).
LED Market 2015: Comprehensive Survey
February 05 2015, 305 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the market trend of LED related products which may cause the large scale industry reorganization in application and part/materials. This report tells the 17 application products, 4 packaged products, market size of 20 part/materials products, shares of entering companies, application ratio, supply chain, and price trend around white LED packages. It also cited the related market to colored/infra-red/ultra violet light LED packages.
Reality and Future Perspective of Cloud Computing 2015
February 04 2015, 360 pages, ¥198,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It investigated the reality and market trend of cloud computing service and its vendor strategy. By classifying service area into 9 categories, it summarized and analyzed the market size of various services and vendor shares. By implementing questionnaire survey against 752 user companies and case studies of service vendors (6 business types / 28 companies), it mentioned the user utilization situation / application / satisfaction understanding and the vendor business size / system / strategy point as a form of individual information.

January 2015

Latest Trend Study of Chinese and Indian Cellphone Makers 2015
January 29 2015, 288 pages, ¥200,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the actions as local brand maker and OEM/ODM/IDH vendor as for major 20 cellphone makers in China and India and it explored and clarified the stances as leading companies in the both countries' cellphone market. By summarizing the properties of Chinese and Indian smartphone in each segment from flagship to low end with point of OS and key device view, it predicts the future trend.
Functional Polymer Film, 2015 Present and Future Outlook
January 23 2015, 374 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It covered thoroughly the trend of high functional films which are focused on as base materials for electronics/energy/environment/ medical treatment area. By classifying the application areas with 15 FPD related items, 8 semiconductor and assembly items, 9 auto vehicle and industry items, 10 construction material and infrastructure items, 5 energy items, 6 life science items, and 6 barrier films, it studied the market size, maker shares, price trend, application trend, raw material trend, overseas trend, and R&D trend.
Medical Solution Market 2015 - Comprehensive Study
January 21 2015, 339 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the latest trend of system/solution and medical device/peripheral device market with effective utilization of ICT for medical organization. By classifying into three categories of system/solution for medical organization, diagnosis and measurement device/apparatus, and treatment and surgical operation device/apparatus/system and grasping the entire market size, it describes the market size change, vendor shares, trend by demands, technical and functional trend of relevant 38 products and the business development cases of 15 entrant companies.
Expansion Strategy and Future Prospective of Hydrogen Vehicle Related Technologies 2015
January 09 2015, 221 pages, ¥500,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the business development trends of such makers that entered into FCV or consider to entering into. It employed the market size forecast of 12 products covering hydrogen vehicle (fuel cell vehicle and hydrogen engine car), FCV related components, and hydrogen station related equipment. Including the dealing FCV situation of 15 companies and organizations as other company case studies, legal regulation situation, business alliance, and penetration scenario, it addressed technical issues mainly composed of penetration forecast and safety measure.
Latest Trend Study of Camera Module Industry in China 2015
January 08 2015, 177 pages, ¥400,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
Focusing on smartphone camera module makers, it investigated the trend of entering companies. In the market edition, it clarified the new function embedding trend in camera and supply chain of terminal, camera module, and key devices those are categorized with 5 groups. Further mentioning the company cases of 20 module makers, it summarized the reality and development situation of camera module business and developing trend to in-vehicle and monitoring camera application field.

November 2014

Reality and Future Prospect In Vehicle ECU Related Market 2014
November 27 2014, 270 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By investigating the market trend of in vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit), assembling trend of electronic parts, and R&D roadmap, it clarified the market size of assembled electronic parts and technology trend. It covers the 7 in-vehicle ECU of power train system, 6 semiconductors like in-vehicle microcomputer and power device, 9 substrate and heat dissipation related materials, and 12 resins and hybrid materials as housing materials. It also mentioned the 17 complete car makers and ECU suppliers as the company cases.
Comprehensive Survey of Vehicular Communication Network Related Market 2015
November 10 2014, 235 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the outline of total 31 products of information display device, infrastructure, communication device, and service that enhance the convenience and safety of drivers in addition to wireless communication standards trend to utilize in order to realize high functionality of vehicle and ITS. It also summarized the public organizations trend to promote ITS policy such as ITS related Government offices and related organization in Japan, US department of Transportation (DOT), EU countries and car maker related organization in each country of EU.
Reality and Future Prospect of Display Related Market 2014 Vol. 2
November 07 2014, 287 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied worldwide the market size of displays (LCD, OLED, and others) related part materials, their weight by application and types, market shares, production trend by area, and technology development trend. The vol.2 covers the 2 touch panel units by types and 10 related part materials, 8 application devices and its manufacturing apparatus markets (2 items), 20 panel makers as business strategy cases of entering company, and 3 makers of static capacitance controller IC.

October 2014

Future Prospect of Digital Health Solution Market 2014
October 31 2014, 306 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
As the health care apparatus and service that are being made highly functional and high value added according to effective utilization of ICT technology shall be defined as "digital health solution", it studied the market size, key device acceptance trend, sales channel/business model, business development of notable companies, and future direction. It further studied the promising market seen from 3 fields of health management/increasing health, sports, medical/care, the concerned business size of 10 company cases, and implementation status of product and service.
2014 Communications Related Marketing - Comprehensive Survey < Vol.2: Communication Services Edition>
October 27 2014, 264 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
In the vol.2, it surveyed the market trend of total 34 products with 7 internet connection services, 5 mobile communication services, 5 fixed data communication services, 3 international communication services, 6 voice related services, and 8 collaboration services. It further considered the market size forecast until 2018, demand trend by communication service and utilization scene, shares by communication services, relation to smart device and cloud market, and comparison of competing services.
Reality and Future Perspective of Plastic Film Sheet 2014
October 21 2014, 341 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the market trends of films and sheets which are processed by molding general resins, general engineering plastic and super engineering plastic. It covers the 18 general resin films (PE/PVC/PP/PS films), 16 general engineering plastic films (PA/PC/PET/transformed PPE), 6 super engineering plastic films (PPS/LCP/PI film), 6 sheets (PP/styrene system sheet), and 6 other products (PLA film/sheet, synthesized paper, PTFE porous film, and nonwoven fabric).
Network Security Business 2014 Comprehensive Research Report (Vol.2; Enterprise Edition)
October 10 2014, 249 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
The vol.2: enterprise edition studied and analyzed the service reality of security solution providers and the business model of tool vendors. Then, it explored the sales results of network security related business and organization system/alliance as well as the characteristics of business strategy and the solution trend and business direction. The companies for case study are 32 network security solution providers, 20 relevant tool vendors, and 3 control system vendors.
Network Security Business 2014 Comprehensive Research Report (Vol.1; Market Edition)
October 10 2014, 357 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
This report comprises of 2 books with market edition and enterprise edition. In the market edition, it describes the market trend, market shares, and listing entering companies as for network security services (consulting, inspection and operation management services) and relevant products (device authentication tools and firewall etc.) and analyzed the direction of related service and product business. The details of products mentioned are 18 network security services and its 28 relevant products.

September 2014

Study of New Business Strategies by SI/NI Vendors of Japan <2014 Version>
September 19 2014, 587 pages, ¥850,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By studying domestic vendors who enter into SI/NI business, it clarified the market trend, market share ratio, and business model. It analyzed the data collections by SI/NI, business categories, user business types, and user size in the market and analysis edition. In the vendor edition, it implemented the analysis of corporate strategy in SI/NI vendors and grasped the future direction. It made the lists of 480 vendor companies in addition to the 40 vendors with in-depth study and the 40 vendors with outline study.
Reality and Future Prospect of Display Related Market 2014 Vol. 1
September 11 2014, 343 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied and analyzed the market size change of various displays and devices, company shares, and production and shipment trend of application products in worldwide. It covers the display and device (9 types of TFT, OLED, VFD, and electric papers and others) and the application devices (17 products of TV, display and others) in this section and cited LCD related part materials (16 products), OLED related part materials (7 products), and target materials (2 products) as other related things.

August 2014

2014 Communications Related Marketing - Comprehensive Survey < Vol.1: Communication Device / System Edition>
August 29 2014, 307 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It investigated and analyzed the market size change, maker shares, entrant company trend, and competing product around the network related devices and system. The vol.1 covers the total 37 products of 21 network related products (core/metro network optical transmission equipment, and PON system), 7 voice related products (soft switch and SBC), 3 NW conference related system (web conference system), 3 mobile related products (handset and tablet terminal), and 3 mobile base stations.
Projector Market 2014 - Comprehensive Research Report
August 11 2014, 341 pages, ¥800,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied and analyzed the market trend of (front/rear type) projectors by business and consumer uses, and by display devices (LCD/DLP/LCOS) and the strategy of entrant companies. It consists of two parts of domestic market and global market that cites the market size change and shares by product types and display devices and the sales situation of 15 entrant companies in the domestic section and the market size and shares by product types and device types and the sales situation of 10 overseas makers in the global section.
Projector Market 2014 - Comprehensive Research, Domestic Edition
August 11 2014, 246 pages, ¥500,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied and analyzed the domestic market of (front/rear type) projectors by business and consumer uses and by display devices (LCD/DLP/LCOS) and the business development status of entrant companies. By classifying it by types of products and clarifying the market size change by devices and the shares, it studied the business strategy of 15 entrant company cases. This report is the limited version to cover only the domestic market section of “Projector Market 2014 - Comprehensive Research Report”.
Handbook of Market Survey of Next Generation Card Solution and Electronic Money Related Business 2014
August 08 2014, 354 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the electronic card which is becoming major position of settlement and the card solution business. By comprising 3 areas of research content, it covers the 23 card solution products which are responding to authentication settlement for real/network/mobile and 22 products with 5 card application introduction business, and 27 card materials/cards/relevant devices and further explored the market size, demand trend, and vendor trend.
Worldwide Automobile Parts 2014 - Marketing Handbook
August 06 2014, 340 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied and analyzed the component procurement of finished car makers, component suppliers' production locations, and future strategy of next generation cars. It covers the 9 engine rooms, 5 absorbing and exhausting related products, 7 driving and wheels, 6 electronic parts in mounting, 5 interiors, 8 lamps and exteriors, and 8 next generation parts (HV/EV related and others). It grasped the market size change in worldwide, maker shares, price trend, production location / supply matrix by each part.

July 2014

Imaging and Sensing Related Marketing: Comprehensive Survey 2014
July 30 2014, 268 pages, ¥100,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By analyzing such product market of optical devices, semiconductor devices, materials and apparatus which are mounted in imaging related instruments and information input/output related instrument, it overviewed the future imaging and sensing related market. It covers as individual research targets the 22 application products (imaging related like digital camera / social infrastructure related like CCTV), 10 optical devices, 3 semiconductor devices, 9 optics related materials, and 3 optics related instruments).
Reality and Future Prospect of Packaging Materials 2014
July 28 2014, 375 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It analyzed the packaging material market of package, wrapping, and distribution materials. It investigated the market size change, maker shares, price/application trend, accepted material trend, environmental safety measure trend, and overseas trend. It covers the total 56 products with 8 categories of 6 beverage bottles, 11 food packages, 10 soft wrappings, 4 films for soft wrapping, 4 medical purpose wrappings, 9 hard wrappings, 7 other wrapping materials, and 5 related raw materials. It then mentioned the recycle trend in the summary.
Handbook of New Materials For Electronics Mounting 2014
July 15 2014, 290 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the mounting technology trend of part materials and apparatus related to semiconductor assembly and print wire board. In this year version, it mentioned the mounting trend by applications like smartphone/tablets, automobile, wearable devices and assembly maker trend. It covers the 8 package related products, 9 pint wire board related products, 11 print wire board related parts, 8 assembly related parts, and 11 assembly related devices.
New Market of Software Business, 2014
July 11 2014, 340 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It thoroughly investigated and analyzed as to major software products for enterprises the market size by product of 7 business system and 49 products and its distribution style trend from 3 categories view of appliance and SaaS as well as existing package type. It covers the 11 back office system products (EPR, accounting, and human affair), 6 information utilization and analyzing products, 10 collaboration system products, 8 middle ware products, 2 data base products, 8 operation and management tool products, and 4 basic software systems.
IT Solution Market by Type of Business 2014
July 04 2014, 251 pages, ¥150,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
As for the IT solution market which is transforming from scratch development (individual company development) to package software/cloud computing due to advancing standardization, it studied the IT needs which are so diversified b business type, system utilization feature, and major solution vendors' situation. It classified into 12 business types and summarized the operation low, IT investment direction, market size, user size by major solution, and channel tendency.

June 2014

Research of Latest Market Trend of Interactive Boards and Solution Business / Marketability: 2014 Edition
June 24 2014, 161 pages, ¥500,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By investigating the strategy trend of major enterprises which develop the interactive board business, it grasped the product/solution needs on the basis of further expansion status of effective utilization and sales promotional proposal activities of sellers and makers. It reports the domestic market size change, sales trend of demanding customers, maker shares, and direction of product/solution by considering individual strategy cases of 10 entrant companies. It also mentioned the overseas trend in the summary section.
Study of UV Materials Realty and Application Technology Perspective
June 17 2014, 156 pages, ¥500,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It focused to study if UV products, which are adopted with semiconductor technologies in the noteworthy UV material field, could be utilized to other fields. It summarized the market trend of 2 adhesive material related products in addition to 4 photo-resist related products to be covered and trend of future utilized materials. It also mentioned the business development status of 9 photo-resist material companies and 8 adhesive material related companies as entrant company cases.
Future Prospect of Highly Functional Additives and Hybrid Materials 2014
June 06 2014, 365 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the materials, composites, compounds, and hybrid materials of which complex functions can be emerged by combination of organic and organic, organic and inorganic, inorganic and inorganic etc. It covers the product areas with functional materials (34 various additives) and the 21 products for hybrid application area with 5 genres of mechanical strength improvement, thermal performance improvement, electrical performance improvement, optical performance improvement, and other. It also cited the 6 items as the next generation hybrid development trend section.
Best Candidate Prediction of Next Generation Car Technologies 2014
June 04 2014, 311 pages, ¥130,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the trend of technologies which will be first promising candidates in 2020s in terms of issues of promising technologies with key words of environment, safety, and comfort in car industry, differences from competing technologies, and direction of co-existence with these technologies. It also viewed the next generation car images based on the market forecast of instruments and devices those are varied responding to above situation. It covers up to the 53 items of each technology area related to next generation cars (HV/EV/PHV/FCV), environment/safety/information communication, and others.

May 2014

Reality and Future Prospect of Home Network / Energy Management System Related Market 2014
May 30 2014, 286 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
As for the home network and energy management related business of each maker of home appliance, energy devices, and house equipment, ICT vendors, and the electricity power related service enterprises, it clarified the promising fields, industry structure, and business model. It covers the total 37 products with 8 categories of energy related devices, hose equipment, smart device, digital home appliance, ECONET Lite related solution, energy related service, application service, and module.
Next Generation Imaging Business Handbook 2014
May 28 2014, 267 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It grasps the next generation imaging business in which there are many findings like making higher precision images of 4K and 8K, making higher display device performances of flexible display and warble terminal, making larger capacity of recording media, and advancing compression and transmission technology with categories of device, equipment/system, and image solution. By comprehending the whole feature of display, input/image capturing, recording/regenerating, editing, and delivery, it explores the 15 promising business market in image solution business.
Human Interface Related Market 2014: Comprehensive Survey
May 23 2014, 280 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By clarifying the human interface technologies linking with people and device and its embedded trend and the market trend of device, system, and software which support the human interface, it prospects how people and machine are becoming friendly relation. It covers the 8 input products like touch panel and pen, 7 output products, and related software (voice recognition and synthesizing and 4 other products) for the 6 device items such as smartphone and 6 industries.

March 2014

Future Image of Chemical Industry by Shale Gas Revolution 2014
March 25 2014, 187 pages, ¥500,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It considered the market trend from the view of petrochemical related companies as for the utilization possibility as petrochemical raw material except energy application and their influence to chemical industry and future image in the global movement to shale gas and oil realization. It covers developmental status/industry structure/supply routes, digging technologies/materials, energy status and environmental regulation in worldwide and introduced the company cases of approach status to concerned business in domestic major 18 companies.
Worldwide Electronics Market 2014 - Comprehensive Study
March 18 2014, 411 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By classifying the noteworthy electronics products into 5 categories (AV devices, home appliance, information communication devices, mobility, and unit product/component), it studied the production results of 44 products segmented by makers (Japanese, overseas, and local) and by countries. This year version added to mention the pachinko devices, air cleaners, smart watches, smart glasses, and in-vehicle ECU (power train system) and the collection analysis of production volumes by products and by areas as for 18 major companies groups. It also described the industrial fundamental data of major countries.
Sales Reality of Business Projector Dealers; Comprehensive Survey, 2014 Edition
March 13 2014, 293 pages, ¥600,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It implemented the case studies of the domestic sales change of business projectors (LCD/DLP/LCOS), trend by selling channels (AV/PC/OA/large scale home appliance stores/Web and e-commerce/maker direct sales and others), pricing trend, summary analysis of product trend and sales reality of major dealers (sales change/selling system/sales destinations = by area and by business types), and makersí requirements etc. It covers the total 60 companies of 30 AV related dealers, 11 PC related dealers, 11 OA related dealers, 5 large scale home appliance stores, and 3 Web/e-commerce enterprises.
Reality and Future Prospective of Cloud Computing Service 2014
March 12 2014, 321 pages, ¥200,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It investigates the reality of cloud computing service, direction of market trend, and vendor strategy. Comprehending each service market size and vendor shares as for 9 categories of service field, it implemented the questionnaire survey to 795 user companies and the case studies of service vendors (28 companies in 6 business types). It described the utilization purpose and utilizing status of users, collection summary of operation issues, and vendor cases in which the business size, organization system, and strategy point are formed as individual report.
Polymeric Material for Electronics 2014 - Present & Future Outlook
March 10 2014, 413 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
As for main targets of polymer materials which are utilized from display to energy and electronic fields, it investigated the market size, maker shares, price trend, accepted raw materials, trend of process and manufacturing technologies, and issues and summarized the future direction. It covers the 9 semiconductors, 8 assemblies and substrates, 12 flat panel displays, 6 touch panels, 5 LEDs, and 5 solar cells, and 3 batteries in addition to 4 next generation notable materials like nano-imprint material.

February 2014

Comprehensive Study of In-Vehicle Electronic Devices & Components 2014
February 24 2014, 378 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It implemented estimating the demand and embedded number of devices and components for in-vehicle application. It covers the 20 systems, 5 information equipment, 14 sensors and actuators, 6 display and input/output devices, 6 HV/PHV/EV/FCV related products, 3 other devices, one ECU, and 12 devices composing ECU. It studied the market size change (until 2025) by area, change of system composition, price trend, maker shares, and supply trend.
Data Center Business Market 2014 (Vol.2): Comprehensive Survey
February 21 2014, 250 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
The vol.2 tells the studies of vendor strategy and user reality. In the vendor strategy section, it case studied the business scale (sales, facility overview, and menu), organization system/alliance, strategy features as for 25 SI related enterprises, 8 carrier related enterprise, 4 center dedicated enterprises (facilities), and 4 center dedicated enterprises (services). In the user reality section, it gathered and analyzed the web questionnaire research as for user companies and non-user companies (795 samples in total).
Data Center Business Market 2014 (Vol.1): Comprehensive Survey
February 21 2014, 273 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied the data center service, data center related product market, and entering companies' trend. The vol.1 tells the comprehension of market and trend and the verification analysis of data center market with multi-phases. It describes the market size change of 12 service categories and 14 products, price trend, entrant company shares, demand and supply trend, investment trend of data center facilities by hardware and utility device, procurement size, and vendor/supplier shares etc.
LED Market 2014 (Vol.2): Comprehensive Survey
February 06 2014, 242 pages, ¥100,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It investigated the product market in up-stream of semiconductor substrate elated materials, LED chips, package materials, LED lighting parts and materials, and related manufacturing equipment. It covers the 24 products of part and material and 4 LED related manufacturing equipment. There are research subjects of market size shift in worldwide, makers' shares, shipments by areas and types, and price trend. And, it studied the LED chip market in Korea, Taiwan, and China and the trend of 16 playing companies of domestic and overseas.
Digital AV Equipment 2014 - Marketing Handbook
February 03, 2014304 pages, ¥97,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
As for the 45 products with 8 categories such as digital AV devices, wearable devices, portable devices, cameras, entertainment/information devices, and in-vehicle devices and overviewing the market size change of each product and makers' shares from both sides of domestic and overseas market, it studied he future direction. By describing the trend of 10 contents and services those are having the critical key of AV device penetration and expanding synergistically the market, it clarified the entire view of digital AV market.

January 2014

Latest Trend Research of Chinese Smart Phone Makers (2014)
January 30 2014, 255 pages, ¥200,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
It studied to comprehend the Chinese smart phone market after 2014. By implementing field research in China and grasping the whole view of Chinese smart phone industry, it employed the case studies of Chinese domestic brand makers (major 15 companies). By performing the 15 design house companies which support invisibly the Chinese smart phone industry as well, it describes the case studies of total 30 companies.
LED Market 2014: Comprehensive Survey (Vol.1)
January 16 2014, 281 pages, ¥100,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
In the vol.1 it studied worldwide the units, relevant modules, LED lighting apparatus, light emitting devices, and major companies' trend around the white and colored LED packages. It covers the total 24 products of 20 application (backlight unit, lighting, light sources for automotive, and industrial apparatus) and 4 light emitting devices. It also describes as the company case edition the concerned business results, supply chains, and characteristics of business plan/strategy.
Broadband Mobile Service Comprehensive Research 2014
January 14 2014, 311 pages, ¥120,000.- (Price w/o Tax)
By grasping the trends of telecom carrier/ISP who develop the B to C broadband business, Web service/content related companies, and ICT vendors, it studied the market size change, market shares, industry trend, and notable service/technology (including overseas trend). It covers the 18 products with 5 categories like service markets of content service for consumers, 10 products with 4 categories like platform markets related to collecting customers and sales promotion, and 9 company case studies.
What is "Chimera"?
In Greek mythology, the Chimera (Khimaira in Greek) is a supernatural creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of serpent. It symbolizes the strengths inherited from each entity. Likewise, Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. (FCR) through the interaction of its many specialists in their respective fields is committed to finding solutions to the marketing problems our clients face in the complex and ever changing Japanese market place.

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